Peer Advisory Board

Chad Harvey is privileged to serve as Chair of a high performing Vistage peer group in Central Pennsylvania. Its members are drawn from a wide variety of industries, yet they all have the same goal: Exceptionalism. Learn more about Vistage groups on this page or contact Chad to schedule a meeting.

Peer Advisory Boards Facts

Vistage peer advisory board members:

  • Join for an average of seven (7) years
  • Grow their companies 2.2% faster than for non-members
  • Receive monthly one to one coaching
  • Process critical business issues every month during group meetings
  • Participate in exclusive events with access to world class speakers
  • Access online resources and best practices available solely to you and the 21,000+ strong Vistage community
What is a Peer Advisory Board?

A peer advisory board is a group of up to sixteen (16) owners, CEO’s and executives that dig deep on intense topics with the help of an expert facilitator to generate ideas and results.


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